Practicing real self defence

Bay Wing Chun is a non-profit organisation providing realistic self defence training for real attacker situations. We are currently taking enrollments for our Christchurch classes only. All other classes in Waikato/BOP are currently full but we are accepting expressions of interest.
The training is overseen by Sifu Red who has 31 years of practical Wing Chun experience with technical support from Earle’s Academy and the Australasian Ving Chun Kuen Instructors Association.

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Bay Wing Chun

The today of now’s world is fast, furious and consumer driven as opposed to being satisfaction and confidence driven. In accepting new students, Bay Wing Chun has taken a step back to those more traditional virtues such as loyalty, dedication and commitment developed in pursuit of peace and happiness.

It rewards its students with a real sense of confidence inspired by competence, a depth of knowledge, skill and practical application. Bay Wing Chun aims to develop a sense of invincibility, of bringing out the hero in each student, of being loved and respected by all who depend on that person, because they have a way of being confident and happy that is an inspiration.

We deliver such teaching through having small classes of dedicated students who are committed to learning and improving their Wing Chun knowledge. Bay Wing Chun is open to the public and the focus is on Kung Fu or “thwarting the spear”, of avoiding conflict through transmuting thought into action in an effective and direct manner that befits best practice. Sure, in the beginning it looks like really effective self defence, but in the end the best policy is not to be in the line of fire.

Places are limited so if you are sincere in your interest and can commit to BWC, the training and to our Wing Chun Family, then press the “e-mail” button and say hi.

Sifu Red.
Principle Instructor.

Bay Wing Chun
Bay Wing Chun

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