Class Descriptions

*Please note that due to restructuring, official BWC classes are only being conducted in Christchurch. There may be the opportunity to train with other more senior students in the Tauranga, Te Puke and Waihi areas but these are not official classes and are solely the responsibility of those students who simply wish to train. BWC will be happy to pass your details on and the Seniors will get back to you at their discretion. Enrollments for Christchurch official classes are being taken now. 02/06/2020. Sifu Red.

Regular Classes:

These limited place classes teach Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao (1st form), practical applications, physiology and martial science, including victim/bully/attacker psychology and related body language. Classes are designed to be instructional and functional, conducted in a light but respectful manner that is conducive to practical learning and personal development at the pace of the individual student.

Grading: There is no real grading contained in traditional Wing Chun however there is an acknowledgement of ‘Skill Level’ and ‘seniority’ within Bay Wing Chun.

Crash Course:

This course is for up to four people, designed for those wishing to effectively stop an aggressor. It is perfect for younger people heading off on their O.E. and is also perfect for people in domestic situations. This course can be undertaken in conjunction with existing counseling services for victims of violent and or sexual assault. (Please Note that the principal Instructor has a degree in psychology and in sociology from the University of Waikato and is happy to work in partnership and or follow the lead of a clients’ professional counselor. All usual privacy protocols etc are strictly adhered to, no records are kept and counselors are welcome to advocate, liaise and be in attendance on behalf of a client in their clients’ best interests).

The course is designed to give a client some knowledge of how and what to do in a domestic or travelling situation where instant fight back and flee is required. This is an instant shock and awe class broken down into actions that can be easily learned and practiced at home incorporating ideals on where and how to strike a stronger more aggressive attacker. This course also contains components dealing with sexual assault and an opportunity to discuss any past experiences where the student has been assaulted giving ideas on what might have worked as a defence in that particular situation.

Womens Only Class:

Wing Chun was invented by a woman!

This class teaches practical Wing Chun applications and dirty tricks and includes teaching on physiology, victim/attacker psychology and related body language. Classes are designed for students wishing to effectively stop an aggressor from physically controlling and/or assaulting her in domestic, work and social situations. This class will enhance spatial awareness, reflexes, confidence, assertiveness and fitness backed by the real ability to defend herself. Note: Toddlers are welcome but must not impede the learning or safety of other students in any respect; parental care and consideration is a must. Note: This class is video taped for security reasons.

1 Hour Private Lessons:

This is an introspective one on one training session with an instructor focusing on students areas of Wing Chun interest. These lessons are designed to develop generic Wing Chun practices taking into account the students’ personal understanding, physiology, disabilities and abilities. The Private Lesson instruction is for the sole benefit of the student him or herself and is not necessarily beneficial or applicable to any other individual. Note taking is encouraged.

2 Hour Video Lessons:

The first hour of this two hour lesson is exactly the same as the ‘1 Hour Private Lesson’. In addition to this though, the first hour is video taped capturing the instruction given in that first hour. The second hour is spent re-examining and clarifying what is caught on video tape to give the student a broader view of their training and application as well as reinforcing the new information assimilated in the first hour. Note taking is encouraged. Note: Video is not the property of the student and is there for revision purposes only.