BWC Rules and Policies
  1. BWC reserves the right to refuse training to any person at any time for any reason without prior warning and with out explanation.
  2. All fees must be paid prior to the immediate class and be kept completely up to date.
  3. All training is undertaken at the complete risk of individual student with no liability whatsoever falling to BWC for injury, loss and or damage to property.
  4. All students understand that classes are video taped and all images are the sole property of BWC and may be used for security reasons as well as in the public arena.
  5. No student shall record or otherwise capture any audio or video recordings without the prior consent of the Principal Instructor.
  6. All students conduct themselves within the spirit of learning and understand that aggression and or bullying will not be tolerated.
  7. Students must not train under the influence of any alcohol or other illicit substances.
  8. Any student has the right to refuse to train with another student on advising the instructor as to the reasons why.
  9. All injuries must be reported to the instructor in charge.

Students may be dismissed or refused further training for not paying fees, failing to attend regular classes or being in breech of any of the rules as stated above. Students should also be aware that legal remedies will be sought by BWC if the need arises. BWC asks only that the students conduct themselves with respect for BWC and their fellow students and that they commit to their training and assist others in their pursuit of true Wing Chun.